Whatever your reason for throwing yourself out of a plane, you want to capture the moment! Whether this is your first skydive, a celebration, an amazing gift or another adrenalin activity to tick off your bucket list, you can relive your entire Skydive Auckland experience with your own personalised skydive video & photos.

Relive that adrenaline rush over and over again or share your experience with friends, family and Facebook with our great value, one on one, skydive video & photo options. The higher your skydive, the more photos and videos you will receive! Capture every moment of your experience in high definition, write a message on your hands and show off to your friends in freefall.


Ultimate video & photo package

The ultimate video & photo option includes individually edited freefall video and photos as well as your hand-cam video and photos. You will have your own personal outside camera person who will fly and interact with you during freefall, capturing this part of your once in a lifetime experience from every angle. This footage will be added to the hand-cam video & photos that your tandem instructor has captured of your entire experience to create the ultimate video and photo option. You will have even more photos and your video will be longer with additional shots and angles!


Skydive Video & Photos

Your individually edited hand-cam video records every moment of your skydiving experience. Following your introduction to your instructor, you have the opportunity to share special messages with family and friends on the ground and while in the plane, as we capture your scenic flight to your chosen altitude. Once the door opens, every second of your skydive is captured including that amazing instant as you exit the plane and start your freefall. It doesn’t end there, with the hand-cam, your parachute opening and canopy ride are also included, as you fly around the blue skies under your parachute and we also feature your landing too.

This package also includes up to 100 high definition hand-cam photos of your skydive with us, from before you step onto the plane, through those pre-jump moments, your exit, entire freefall, parachute ride, and your landing too. Share them online, enlarge them for your wall and share your experience with your friends and family. Get ready to change your profile picture!

Want to see what you could look like jumping from our Skydive Auckland plane? Visit our gallery.


Skydive Photos

This includes up to 100 high definition hand-cam photos of your Skydive Auckland experience, including your plane ride, exit, freefall and parachute flight.


Skydive Video

An individually edited hand-cam video of your entire skydiving experience, which includes the plane ride, exit, freefall and parachute flight.


All of our skydive video and skydive photo options are emailed to you after your skydive so you can easily view and share them!