Once you complete your 8 level AFF program here at Skydive Auckland, the learning and fun doesn't stop there, you can now work toward achieving your first recognised skydiving licence, the NZPIA A Certificate.

During Skydive Auckland's A Certificate training program your learning curve will continue to be steep, as you are taken step by step through our unique progression system specifically designed to enable you to build on what you have already learned. You will discover a variety of ways to exit the aircraft, how to jump safely from low altitudes and learn more advanced body positions and skills. Learning to skydive has never been so much fun!

Once you have successfully completed all of the requirements and have a minimum of 25 skydives, you are able to sit an online examination to gain your NZPIA A Certificate.

Now you can skydive with some of the new friends you have made along the way.

The real fun has only just begun.

If you have already started to learn to skydive somewhere else or you haven't done a skydive in a while, you can still continue to skydive and train with us here at Skydive Auckland. To ensure your safety and to abide by rules and regulations, there are a few requirements:

  • Logbook: you must bring this with you. We are unable to let anyone skydive without a valid logbook. If you have a licence from another country you should also bring this, but you must also have your logbook too.

  • Refresh Course: If you have learned to skydive somewhere else and if you don't hold a valid NZPIA Certificate or if you have not done a skydive in a while, we will require you to complete a refresh course. This must be booked in advance and costs $50 for 1-2 hours.  Dates of refresh courses can be found on our events calendar.  The purpose of this course is to assess your knowledge, experience and ability and ensure it aligns with the rules and regulations of Skydive Auckland and also the New Zealand Parachute Industry Association who is our governing body.
Skydive Training
  • Evaluation Skydive: Depending on our assessment of your ability, knowledge and experience we may require you to complete an evaluation skydive with one of our qualified instructors. The cost of this is $149 (plus equipment hire) and will be completed following a refresh course (weather depending).

Within NZ you are still considered a student until you qualify for the NZPIA A Certificate, this means you can only complete solo skydives and cannot jump in winds exceeding 15 knots.  Your wingloading is also limited.

If you have all the pre-requisites for the A Certificate and you wish to apply, this can be done at the DZ. You will need valid ID, a credit card for payment and this must be booked in advance with one of our Authorised Persons. If you don't qualify for an A Certificate, you can still skydive with us at Skydive Auckland and we can help you continue your training and progression.

It is essential that you contact us prior to your arrival at Skydive Auckland, so we can arrange a time for one of our instructors to be available to assist you. For more information, please contact info@skydiveauckland.com .


Please visit our events calendar to find dates of our next available refresh course.

The cost is $50 and takes around 1-2 hours.  If you require more time to complete the course, you may be charged an additional fee. Spaces are limited to 4 people per course. If you would like to make a reservation, please email:  info@skydiveauckland.com  to reserve your place - please let us know your total jump numbers, date of last jump and your current licence.

Additional Training Prices

Packing course (part 1) $69pp
Packing course (part 2) $69pp
Canopy course (A endorsement) $89pp
Canopy course (B endorsement) $89pp
Canopy course (intermediate) $99pp
Canopy course (advanced) $99pp
High altitude course $25pp
Introduction to freefly $25pp
Introduction to bigway $20pp
Camera safety $25pp