A skydive gift voucher or skydive gift card is the ultimate present! Skydiving is the best adventure activity in New Zealand, so surprise that special person by giving them an unforgettable skydiving experience at Skydive Auckland.


Give them an exciting gift they will remember forever!

Skydive gift vouchers make an exciting gift idea and are available for all Skydive Auckland tandem skydives, photo & video packages and merchandise. When you purchase your skydive gift voucher online, you can choose to print the voucher immediately or if you prefer we can send you a voucher in the mail (please allow 3-4 days for delivery). The voucher includes all the information required, including how to make the reservation, so that lucky person can contact us to book their exciting skydive with us directly and we’ll give them an experience they will remember forever.

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Life gets busy, so if you think your voucher might expire before you get the chance to jump at Skydive Auckland, you can extend it. The cost is only $50 per month (up to 3 months) and you must extend your skydive voucher prior to its expiry by completing this form. Please ensure you bring both your original voucher and your new extended skydive voucher with you on the day.

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Do you have a skydive voucher? Are you ready to throw yourself out of a plane with Skydive Auckland? To redeem your voucher and book your skydive, complete this online form. Once received, a member of our reservations team will contact you to confirm your booking.

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