Delivery of a fun, exhilarating and safe skydiving experience can have an environmental impact so we employ sustainable business practices minimizing the effect we have on our environment.


Energy Efficiency

  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Use of re-chargeable batteries
  • Energy audits
  • Switching off when not in use


Waste Management

  • Use of electronic and digital products, communications and marketing to reduce use of paper usage.
  • Recycling onsite.
  • Re-use of equipment and resources across all assets of the business.
  • Use of hand dryers to eliminate paper towels.



  • Minimizing fuel usage and offsetting our carbon footprint through conservation projects.
  • Providing a smoke free environment.
  • Reduction of noise pollution through planned scenic flight.



  • Working with Department of Conservation (DoC) to improve the local wetlands reserve.



  • Being an informed consumer, making purchase decisions based on supplier corporate responsibilities.
  • Choosing local suppliers and NZ owned companies.


Community and Culture

  • Respecting maori heritage in our corporate design.
  • Working with local groups to promote culture and history.
  • Supporting local charities, schools and the general community through the organising of events, fundraising and donations.


We are constantly assessing and improving what we do. If you would like to see our full responsible tourism policy, please ask a member of staff.